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Chung Cheng 80th School Anniversary Dinner

Guest of Honour: Minister of Education Mr Ong Ye Kung
School Management Board President - Dr Wee Cho Yaw donated $3 million to the school building fund.

Picture: Minister of Education Mr Ong Ye Kung (2nd right) officiated the cake cutting ceremony for our 80th Anniversary Dinner. In the picture, (from right) Principal of Chung Cheng High School (Yishun) Mr Tan Yee Kan, Chung Cheng Management Board Vice-president Dr Jimmy Koh, Chung Cheng School Supervisor Mr Koh Ban Heng, Principal of Chung Cheng High School (Main), Mr Chan Ying Yin and Principal of Nanyang Junior College Mr Low Chun Meng with student representatives. 

On 13th April 2019, the School Management Board, Chung Cheng High School (Main), Chung Cheng High School (Yishun), Nanyang Junior Colleague and 1000 alumni gathered together in the beautiful campus of Chung Cheng High School (Main) for a fundraising dinner to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the school. The dinner marked the start of a series of activities for the year’s celebration. Our guest of honour, Minister of Education, Mr Ong Ye Kung affirmed the school’s effort in nurturing generations of bilingual students and produced numerous talents in the arts scene in Singapore throughout the years. He commended the school’s commitment in preserving Singapore’s diverse social fabric by developing cultural appreciation through programmes such as the Conversation Malay Programme while playing a crucial role in passing on the traditions as a Special Assistant Plan (SAP) school.

Chairman of the School Management Committee - Dr Wee Cho Yaw donated $3 million to the school building fund.

ImageDuring the 80th School Anniversary dinner, the school officially announced the setting up of Chung Cheng School Building Fund. Chairman of our School Management Committee, Dr Wee Cho Yaw, took the lead and donated $3 million in support of the fund.

The Chung Cheng School Building Fund was set up to raise money for the renovation of the 50-year-old Grand Auditorium which includes air-conditioning, upgrading the stage lighting and sound system, so as to reinstate it to its glory of being a modern and first-class performing centre. In 2014, the entrance arch and the administration building of Chung Cheng High School (Main) were gazetted as a combined national monument when Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong graced the celebration of our 75th school anniversary as the guest of honour. The Grand Auditorium is situated within the administration building.

The principal of Chung Cheng High School (Main), Mr Chan Ying Yin, expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards Dr Wee Cho Yaw’s generosity and taking the lead in contributing to the fund. His action inspired and drew more than $300 000 in donations from other alumni. Mr Chan also thanked the School Management Committee, past principals, teaching staff, and alumni for their selfless contribution to the development of the school that served as a role model for each generation.

During the dinner, Dr Jimmy Koh, on behalf of the School Management Committee, gifted a calligraphy work from our alumni and also a Cultural Medallion recipient, Mr Lim Tze Peng, to our guest of honour, Mr Ong Ye Kung. A book launch of two commemorative series 《源远流长》 and《湖畔旋律》 by Chung Cheng Alumni Association was also officiated during the dinner by School Management Committee’s Vice Chairman, Dr Jimmy Koh.

The past principals.

Chung Cheng 80th Anniversary Dinner

“中正人” statue opening ceremony by Minister of Education, Mr Ong Ye Kung.

Dr Jimmy Koh, on behalf of the School Management Committee, gifted calligraphy work by Mr Lim Tze Peng to our guest of honour, Mr Ong Ye Kung.

Dr Jimmy Koh officiating the book launch of the two commemorative books by Chung Cheng Alumni Association.

Dr Jimmy Koh presenting the book to our guest of honour, Mr Ong Ye Kung.


Chung Cheng Alumni Association published two commemorative books as gifts for our 80th School Anniversary.

The Alumni of Chung Cheng High School planned for a year-long celebration of our 80th anniversary. Besides the 80th School Anniversary Dinner, opening ceremony of the new ‘Zhong Zheng Ren’ statue, organising of alumni fundraising concert, golf tournament, arts exhibition and a combined concert, the association had spent a year to collate and conceptualise two commemorative books that have been published as gifts to the school. 

The two books have captured the experiences of students from different periods. The first book compiled the recollection of the school's history, past principals and teachers as well as the school's activities by students from the 3 schools – Chung Cheng High (Main), Chung Cheng High (Yishun) and Nanyang Junior College. The other book is a collection that recorded the period when the school had folk music activities from 1959 – 1966.

Our school supervisor and school alumni’s honorary president, Mr Koh Ban Heng, commended the outstanding alumni’s contribution over the years that led to the publication of many books in the past 10 years. Even so, there are still many commendable and exceptional stories not captured. Hence, in view of that, the Alumni Association conceptualised two commemorative books in celebration of Chung Cheng 80th year of education. Every alumni who attended the Anniversary Dinner received a copy each.

Principal of Chung Cheng High School (Main), Mr Chan Ying Yin, hopes that the two books with the success stories of different generations of Chung Cheng Alumni will continue to inspire and motivate the next generation of Chung Cheng students to excel in the Arts, while Principal of Chung Cheng High School (Yishun), Mr Tan Yee Kan, promises to continue their holistic development of students to fulfil their potential.  

Please refer to the latest alumni newsletter for more details. 2019