Trends of Alumni Association

The 2019 Annual General Meeting was successfully held and Teo Lian Kiat was elected as the new president

The Association held its Annual General Meeting on 28 April 2019. The meeting was chaired by Koh Ban Heng, President of the Alumni Association and School Supervisor of the Board of Directors.

At the meeting, President Mr Koh mentioned that both schools are raising funds to upgrade school facilities, such as the renovation of the main auditorium of the Zhulin Building of the main school. Dr. Wee Cho Yaw, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Chung Cheng, took the lead in donating $3,000,000, and the amount of donations by alumni exceeded $300,000.

Alumna Zheng Jinlian donated a lump sum amount to the Alumni Association for the development of the school. Alumnus Aw Chye Wee, initiated a Music Concert fundraiser and raised more than $100,000. Alumnus Chua Eik Seng, a retired businessman, generously donated a cash deposit of $30,000 out of gratitude towards the school and the teachers. He also donated 2 of Fan Chang Tien's famous paintings: "Bamboo" and "Shou Tao" In addition, he also sponsored $70,000 to the alumni association for the "Chung Cheng" bronze statue to be erected on the Chung Cheng Yishun campus.
The Alumni Association is very grateful for the generous donations and love for the school from the three alumni. As a token of appreciation, we presented a commemorative porcelain plate to express our gratitude.

The association is grateful that Dr. Jimmy Koh, as the vice-chairman of the Chung Cheng Board of Directors, for his support and active contribution in the management of the school as well as the development of the Alumni Association. He always avails his time to be present in various activities of the alumni association, namely, golf tournaments, concerts, and publications. Dr Jimmy Koh is generous and humble. He donated funds for alumni association activities, sponsored alumni association’s publication projects, and often took the lead in contributing effort and money with a heart to bless others.

2019 is the year of the renewal of the Alumni Association Executive Council. Mr Koh Ban Heng, who has been leading the Alumni association for 8 years, had decided not to participate in the election of the board due to personal commitments. The Alumni association thanked him for his selfless dedication and outstanding leadership.
A new committee was elected, and the former vice president Teo Lian Kiat was elected as the chairman to lead the new committee.

The AGM ended successfully.


胡财辉学长创议并领导的“情牵母校 . 歌系中正”筹款歌乐晚会,为校友会活动基金筹款取得好成绩