Nanyang Junior College

Nanyang Junior College’s advocacy campaign - “Water is precious.”

On 27th March 2019, Nanyang Junior College had an inaugural water rationing event that aimed to encourage students to be mindful and conscious of their water wastage in their daily life. The school invited Minister of Environment and Water Resources, Mr Masagos Zulkifli, to grace the event where he had a dialogue with the school population on the sustainability of water supply in Singapore. At the end of the dialogue, Mr Masagos together with 1800 of the school population did a human formation of a water droplet that broke the Singapore’s record of largest number human formation of a water droplet by a single school.



Nanyang Language Elective Programme 20th year Celebration

Past year's language elective programme (LEP) alumni gathering to celebrate the 20th year of LEP.

2019 marks the 20th year of the Language Elective Programme at Nanyang Junior College. 200 over teaching staff and alumni were invited to a celebration on the 3rd of August for 20th years of nurturing generations of students who are passionate and excelling in the area of literature. To commemorate this 20 years of excellence and outstanding work, a collection that compiled 20 years of students’ work was published. Everyone who attended the event received the commemorative book together, with a pouch printed with ‘‘情牵二十” as an affirmation of the good work in this journey.

Looking back, Nanyang has produced numerous outstanding alumni who graduated from the LEP programme. Nanyang understands its mission and the need to broaden the pool of students in order to achieve the vision of cultural preservation. The event gathered alumnus 周昊, a journalist and poet, to share his experience and journey with the students. The event had also provided a platform for Nanyang LEP students to lead 60 over teachers from other schools that offer LEP into the magical world of literature through role-playing. The event ended with a food and photo-taking session, which constantly reminded alumni of the sense of ‘home ‘as part of the Nanyang LEP family.

Students from Nanyang LEP role playing and leading the audience into the magical world of literature.

Alumni of Nanyang LEP gathering as one big family.

Please refer to the latest alumni newsletter for more details. 》2019