Cheng Liang Sports Award 2023 Badminton Competition

Ms. Cheng Kim Lean, a Chung Cheng alumnus who is enthusiastic about public welfare, once again donated generously to sponsor various activities of the Alumni.
On June 3, 2023 (9:00 am to 1:00 pm), the Cheng Liang Sports Award badminton competition held at the 2nd floor of the Auditorium of Chung Cheng Main School was successfully completed.
This perennial badminton tournament is organized and planned by alumnus Michael Chang (who is also the Treasurer of the Alumni). VIP on that day included alumnus Cheng Kim Lean (also Cheng Liang’s daughter)
And alumnus Khoo Sin Min (also a physical education teacher of Chung Cheng Main School).
This activity encourages students in the school to actively develop their strengths in terms of academic and physical fitness. The students of Chung Cheng High School not only have excellent academic performance, but also have brilliant achievements in sports activities.
On that day, alumnus Cheng Kim Lean presented awards to the winners who participated in the competition. At the same time, she also donated $300 for the activity expenses, and even more generously donated $20,000 as a long-term activity fund.
The Alumni of Chung Cheng High School would like to thank Ms. Cheng for her generously donation and nurturing a new generation of talents for the sports industry.