The Executive Council of The Alumni of Chung Cheng High School (2019-2021)


Our Heartfelt Gratitude

Due to personal commitments, the former president Koh Ban Heng did not run in this year's council elections. The new council decided to appoint him as an honorary consultant of the Alumni Association, for his valuable guidance towards the development of the alumni association.

President Koh has led the Alumni Association for 8 years. During his tenure, he has completed many commendable contributions. He contributed his time, financial resources, and led everyone to work together for the good of the association.  During his tenure, he held golf tournaments and raised funds for the Alumni Association’s activity fund. He actively encouraged donations during the 75th anniversary of the school’s fund-raising activities and put his heart in laying the foundation to enrich the experience of alumni and the school. 

The Alumni Association has attached great importance to uniting alumni in the past ten years. We encourage members to actively participate in the activities and provide opportunities for works of art-loving alumni to be exhibited in the “Chung Cheng Lakeside Art Museum”.  This year's 11th "Lakeside Art Exhibition" was held at the "Lakeside Art Gallery". The activities of uniting art-loving alumni in the Alumni association also benefited the students in the school.

This year, funds were allocated to publish a special edition of "Lakeside Melody", which recorded the glorious achievements of the "Chung Cheng Folk Music Research Association". The book included seven years of their experience and the alumni who made outstanding contributions in Singapore because of the influence of the folk music club.  We have also published the 430-page, hardcover version of the "Early History" collection, which is a heartfelt gift from the alumni association to the 80th-anniversary celebration of the school.

These publishing works have been actively supported and contributed by the majority of alumni, which display the love for the school as well as the deep and indelible friendship forged with former classmates.  The spirit of gratitude towards the school is the essence of our Chinese culture and our fine tradition, to be passed down to the next generation.

We have nearly 10,000 students studying and taking classes together. A large contingent of graduates has made contributions in various fields of nation-building. We hope that our students and alumni will continue to appreciate our rich heritage and roots and join us as a member of the alumni association. Thereby, continue the friendship of the past, love the school and friends, and unite the big Chung Cheng family through the alumni association.

Thank you all!

President Teo Lian Kiat


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Executive Council 2019-2021

  Advisor Ch’ng Jit Koon
  Advisor Koh Ban Heng
  Advisor S Y Chuang
  Honorary President Chia Ban Seng
  Honorary President Tan Eng Lai
  President Teo Lian Kiat
  Vice- President Ng Tee Bin
  Vice- President Victoria Lee
  Secretary Koh Rui Ling
  Assistant Secretary Tay Han Tseng Clement
  Finance Manager Michael Chang Yuh Kang
  Assistant Finance Manager Lim Kai Hin
  Board Member Cheng Kim Lean
  Board Member Pameela Kea Soo Chin
  Board Member Lee Beng Sun
  Board Member Tang Weng Kui
  Board Member Khoo Sin Min
  Board Member Jayden Toh Teck Wee
  Board Member Loo Pin Sim
  Board Member Sim Kang Rong
  Honorary Board Member Poon Han Yaw
  Honorary Board Member Jessie Ang
  Honorary Board Member Wong Shing Liu
  Auditor Chee Seng Chye, PBM Darren
  Auditor Thomas Lee